A Month in the United States

By: Marcel Jonathan

To think I’ve been here for a month, in a land of people I’ve never been to before. Adaptation was not easy, it took me a long time to get used to the situation in the United States. “Can I tolerate the food here? Will I make friends at school later? Can I be a good representative of Indonesia here?” I thought about many things before arriving here. But that thought has passed, I have made many friends here, I really like the food that my host family gave me, I even had time to help my classmate in his presentation about Indonesia. Turns out I’m just exaggerating, here it’s not too bad, not as bad as I imagined.

Being here reminds me of the old days, the days of selection. It is not an easy thing, considering that the KL-YES program is targeted by many young Indonesians. File selection, interviews, group dynamics, national selection, and much more. Thousands of students registered, but only 80 were able to leave. Isn’t that a crazy thing. It’s crazy to even remember that I was one of 80 students who became a finalist and left for the United States. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the volunteers for the Pontianak chapter, kak Rike, kak Huntung, kak Meiry, kak Ivo, kak Beng, and other kakaks, as well as kak Nur Iskandar, as the head of the Pontianak chapter, who has guided and provided I have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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The journey to the city of my host family or the hostfam they live in is also not a short journey. In total I have to fly for approximately 25 hours, and I have to stop at about 5 different airports. Not to forget, I was the only one who took the longest to arrive and meet my hostfam. Came with an empty stomach, dull face, tired eyes, meeting me and my hostfam was not the best meeting.

Maybe meeting my hostfam wasn’t the best, but they are the best family I’ve ever met. Friendly, caring and caring for each other, they are the family I’ve always wanted. I’ve been through a lot in this month. Lots of information, knowledge and new knowledge that I have got here. I’ve been here for a month and I’m happy, I’m ready to be here until the end of the program and I’m very ready to share my experience and knowledge with the people around me. Hope be spread spirit. *

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