An Experience in Japan: An Earthquake with Magnitudo 6.1 RS

By: Tiara Clarissa

28 of September 2021 was the first day I left for Jakarta to carry out quarantine at the Ibis Style Hotel for two days. During those two days, no orientation was conducted. So, I fill my days with schoolwork. The two days I passed normally, I have not feel homesick.

September 30, 2021 is the day of my departure to Japan. Before leaving, my mother and brother visited me at the airport. They waited until it was time for me to check in. At first I felt a little sad because this was my first time going abroad and once I went it was 5,036 Km. But I believe in myself that this is a risk I have to accept to pursue my dream. At 8 p.m, we start check-in and leave for Japan at 9:55 p.m

1st October 2021, after a long journey of 7½ hours, I finally arrived at Narita International Airport in 7.30 am. After arriving at Narita, we didn’t go straight to the hotel, but still had to take care of things at immigration and do a PCR test. A little tiring because it takes a lot of time. At 9.30 we arrived at the hotel and were able to rest in our respective rooms. The days went on as usual, although in the first days I felt homesick and the tongue had not been able to adjust to Japanese food, but it passed after the second day.

October 7, 2021 at 10:41 pm was the time of the first earthquake in my life. In the 17 years I have lived in Pontianak, I have never felt an earthquake. However, on my seventh day in Japan, I felt an earthquake with a Richter Scale of 6.1 which is a rare earthquake in Japan. It was a shocking and somewhat frightening personal experience.

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Then after that night, the day went on as usual again. At 7.30 am, I have breakfast then continue with orientation at 9 am. Then, 12.00 pm is lunch time and again followed by orientation at 1 pm or 2 pm. Then at 6 pm is dinner time and next is free time. Sometimes, I will vidcall with my mom to ask each other conditions.

October 13, 2021, D-3 before my departure to Host family is the time when my friends and I will introduce Indonesian culture to our friends from other countries. We use local clothing from our respective origins. We also danced some folk dances. I, as a presenter from West Kalimantan, of course wore Dayak clothes and introduced the hornbill dance to my friends.

That’s all from me, in 2 days I will go to hostfam and honestly I’m a little nervous. But, I will try my best. *

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