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Head of East Sintang Forest Management Unit: Niko Dimus, S.Hut. M.Si. Taking photos with to standard health protocols— The climate has changed. The impacts of climate change in Indonesia have spread widely and become more evident from year to year. That is what Niko Dimus said.

Before digging more about Climate Change, Niko, as the head of the East Sintang Regency Forest Management Unit, said that the basic concept of the Forest Management Unit is to shift the role of forestry bureaucrats from a forest administrator role to a managerial role (Forest Manager) so that it is expected to increase transparency and accountability of forest governance.

By the Forest Management Unit Concept, it is hoped that it will become the basis for the implementation of a sustainable and just forest management system.

That’s the concept. But we have to start with the term: “Safeguarding the legacy of the remaining sources of life, namely the FOREST AND THE ENVIRONMENT.” That the Forest Management Unit is present at the site level as a manifestation of the state’s presence in the community, especially those living around the forest.

The duties of the Forest Management Unit include making forest planning, sustainable forest management, optimal forest utilization and improving community welfare by utilizing sustainable timber and non-timber forest products.

Why is there an erratic and drastic climate change, such as large floods or flash floods or heat that is so high that there is a long dry season, This can briefly be said in terms of the consequences of degradation and deforestation? Why this happens, of course, because of various factors, including humans and natural factors.

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This condition is the duty of all parties who feel they need oxygen and feel they need nature as a place to live on earth. We must take responsibility not to blame each other but how the real implementation in the field is a form of our concern for the environment that plants are needed by humans and animals as a source of life.

The real action, is what must be done together. Not only can the Forest Management Units as forest managers at the site level together with the community, but this must be a serious concern from various parties and the responsibilities of various parties as well: the government, NGOs and environmentalists and all related stakeholders.

There are important things to note for Niko is:

  1. It is unfair when we only blame the communities around the forest for causing forest degradation and deforestation, we must look back from 20 to 30 years ago that the presence of cooperation or permit holders such as Business Permits for Utilization of Timber Forest Products in Natural Forests, Plantation permits, mining permits are also part of the causes of climate change.
  2. When we blame each other the question is which axis has the heart and feelings to save that remains right?
  3. Communities around the forest, of course, must be accompanied by real action on how they can use the forest sustainably so that they can still eat and live from forest sources.
  4. Not only the theory with a formula that takes time to continue the Focus Group Discussion which does not touch the root of the problem, sometimes it is followed by absolute policies.
  5. Real action is placing the community as the top manager as the main actor and business actor in protecting the forest, of course by paying attention to their welfare as compensation for their sincerity to continue to care about the upright trees. One of the schemes that the government can provide space to the community is through social forestry schemes, forest farmer groups, forest women farmer groups. Therefore, it is imperative that local NGOs be empowered to assist social forestry because they know exactly what the community needs, they know exactly the character of the local community.
  6. be wise, when it gets a budget/grant from a donor agency to care for the forest and the remaining oxygen, by involving with local facilitators, local NGOs or local champions.
  7. The REED + story is not a new story but an old story where the action process with theoretical and bureaucratic processes must be accelerated so that we will not lose natural forests.
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Sometimes many of us blame the people around the forest when they burn the fields.
Smoke is everywhere and then the people around the forest get accused. But once the weather is clear, oxygen is easily inhaled without smoke and clean water is sufficient, no one would like to thank the people who have kept the forest upright.

At the end of the conversation, Niko believes that: The real action of the parties is a form of trust in the community around the forest as a foster father to protect the trees that are still standing so that oxygen and clean water sources can still be enjoyed together by compensating them for their welfare supported by a budget that is still standing.

Qualified both the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget, the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget or Foreign Grants such as the program from the Asian Development Bank with the fip-1 program or the result-based payment scheme from the REDD program.

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Don’t let the name West Kalimantan forest as one of the world’s lungs become infected and not become the Heart of Borneo anymore. Don’t be sorry when all that’s left is desert then. Regret never comes first and always after the incident. So don’t let the rice turn into porridge.
Then Niko made a fist: “Greetings Sustainable Forest East Sintang West Kalimantan. SUSTAINABLE FORESTS, PROSPEROUS COMMUNITIES AND A GREAT INDONESIA.”

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